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Ever Felt as if a Major Breakthrough Is Right Around the Corner?

All of us have found ourselves at this crossroads in life.

Where we’re not in financial despair, but we’re far from financial freedom, and the wealth we desire always seems out of reach as we worry about money more often than we’d like.

Where we don’t exactly hate our jobs, but aren’t excited to jump out of bed every day either, and we find ourselves watching the clock, counting down the hours until we can go home.

Where we may not have a struggling business, but we feel so far away from building the company we’ve always dreamed of and the lifestyle we’ve always wanted.

Imagine a life where we no longer had these problems.

A life where money was no longer a source of stress or worry…

But a source of fulfillment and joy.

A life where abundance just flowed effortlessly.

No doubts. No fears. Just peace and ease.
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What Does An "Abundant Life" Really Mean?

Marisa Peer - Abundant Life
For everyone, it’s different.

For some of us, we may have jobs where we wish to get a raise, a promotion, or a salary bump.

For others, we may have always wanted to start a business but didn’t know where to begin. Something was always holding us back.

And for others still, we may run our own company, but we're stuck trying to take it to the next level—and we're not sure why it’s not working.

If any of this is resonating, join the 21-Day Abundance Challenge with Marisa Peer now to witness life-changing transformations like never before.
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How The Challenge Works

Over the next three weeks, Marisa will personally guide challenge-takers on an abundance path where they’ll uncover limiting beliefs around money, overcome them, and create new, powerful ones that will allow them to live the life they deserve.

Each day, participants will get access to a video from Marisa and an activity to do. This is different from a typical course where it’s just listening and learning; this is about taking action and making a change.

To maximize transformation as much as possible, we’ve put together something special and unique to guide participants every step of the way.

The 21-Days Curriculum

Onboarding: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Warm-Up 1: How Is This Challenge Structured & How To Get The Most Out Of It

Warm-Up 2: Maximise Your Motivation To Complete The Challenge

Warm-Up 3: Take The Pre-Challenge Self-Assessment

Warm-Up 4: You Are Not Alone: The Accountability System

Week 1: The Fundamentals

Day 1 - Visualize Your Abundant Future

Day 2 - The Main Habit Of Successful People

Day 3 - The Main Rules Of The Abundant Mind

Day 4 - The Key Belief That Fast-Tracks All Change

Day 5 - Goal-Setting The Right Way

Week 2: Uncover & Get Rid Of Your Money Blocks

Day 6 - Uncover Your Money Blocks

Day 7 - Rapid Money Block Reframing

Day 8 - Get Rid Of Your Money Blocks - Part 1: Root-Cause Meditation

Day 9 - Get Rid Of Your Money Blocks - Part 2: Hypnotic Audio

Day 10 - Attract & Maintain Wealth: NICER Meditation

Week 3: Create Better Money Beliefs

Day 11 - What The Right Belief Can Do For You

Day 12 - Create Better Money Beliefs - Part 1: Root Cause Meditation

Day 13 - Create Better Money Beliefs - Part 2: Hypnotic Audio

Day 14 - Access Your Genius Mind - Biggest Misconceptions

Day 15 - Access Your Genius Mind - NICER Meditation

Week 4: Step Into Your Abundant Future

Day 16 - How To Negotiate Powerfully & Get What You Want

Day 17 - Negotiate Powerfully: NICER Meditation

Day 18 - Ask For What You Want: Practice

Day 19 - Ask For What You Want: Take Action

Day 20 - Take The Post-Challenge Self-Assessment

Day 21 - We Are In This Together: Your Abundant Future

What's In The Challenge

21 days of video trainings from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
Four meditation tracks (invaluable)
Two root cause meditations ($98 value)
Three hypnotic audios ($98 value)
Four pre-recorded Q&A calls with Marisa
A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (Invaluable)
Total Value:
Now, while the total value of this challenge is over a thousand dollars, potential participants won’t be paying anything near that amount today. We are offering this for only a fraction of the normal investment because we want to make this accessible and charge just enough to cover the production costs.

This is our own way of giving back to help create extraordinary change for as many people as possible.

🎁 Join the 21-Day Abundance Challenge now for just $99.

So if you’re ready to take a leap and finally claim life you deserve, enroll here:
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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 21

Hi, I'm Marisa

Over the past 30 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people across all walks of life to help them live the life they DESERVE.

I’ve helped people trapped in the depths of depression and addiction to rise above their environment and self-sabotage to create their dream lives—from single parents, cleaners, and teachers, all the way to CEOs, world leaders, and rockstars.

One of the most common issues people face is the belief that they are not enough.

For this reason, I decided to create this challenge to help everyone clear their money blocks and experience the success, prosperity, and wealth they deserve.
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What Leading Figures Have Said About Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer - Vishen Lakhiani Testimonial

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO of Mindvalley

“Marisa Peer is an extraordinary individual who has helped people with problems have profound breakthroughs in personal growth very quickly. She is one of the most powerful transformers of human belief I have ever come across.

“In just four months, I doubled my income. My business began to grow too. Not only had my beliefs held me back, but they had also been holding back my business.”
Marisa Peer - Ryan Levescque Testimonial

Ryan Levesque

CEO of The ASK Method Company

“​I don't consider myself to be "woo-woo" or someone who is easily "swayed" into simply believing something works... But what I experienced in that room with Marisa changed my life — in just minutes.

“She helped me uncover a massive “block” that I realize now has been holding me back, and just days removed from working with her — I've already seen massive (positive) changes in my relationship with my wife, my children, and my employees.

“THANK YOU, Marisa. I was skeptical before meeting you, but what I've experienced is unmistakably real.”
Marisa Peer - Claudia Rosencrantz Testimonial

Claudia Rosencrantz

Former Controller Of Entertainment at ITV

“​​Marisa Peer changed my life and I have referred hundreds of people to her including international celebrities. Because of my high regard for her brilliant ability to change people’s lives, I gave her a significant role on television where she worked with ten celebrities over a four-month period and achieved extraordinary results.

“She is internationally considered to be the best in her field and people all over the world seek her help. She’s the only professional I know of who has the ability to help such a wide assortment of problems and achieve dramatic and lifelong changes.”
Marisa has changed millions of people’s lives over the past 30 years, working with business people, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, helping so many of them overcome their money blocks.

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What Makes This Challenge Different?

Marisa Peer - Action
Marisa Peer - Community
Marisa Peer - Results
The 21-Day Abundance Challenge is not just a course that participants will simply listen to and learn from.

The course is specifically designed to be very actionable from the start.

It’s not just about learning something; but doing something to create long-term change.

As part of the challenge, participants will take part in a supportive community of other challenge-takers to hold each other accountable.

Many of the exercises in the challenges require working with an accountability buddy—and we will show how to get a buddy at the start of the challenge.

After three weeks of taking action, participants may feel the powerful results of the challenge—breaking free of the money blocks that have held them back for so long.

Participants will see opportunities where they haven’t seen them before.

They can even expect their friends to start telling them that they are very “lucky” to be having the success they’re having.

When in reality, they just took the effort to remove their old money blocks and installed new, empowering ones in their place.

Based on the many years Marisa has spent working with royalty, A-list celebrities, and top CEOs, she’ll share the most powerful and transformative techniques to attract abundance effortlessly and change lives forever.

There are 21 days, starting February 8th.

And the time to make a decision is now.
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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 21

Don't just take our word for it

This Challenge Is Not For Everyone

When Marisa created this challenge, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary course.

It's structured differently. It's taught differently. The experience of it all will be different too.

If anyone reading this plans only to listen and learn from the course…

This challenge would not be the best fit.

This is for action takers who feel that their time has come, the time to experience abundance in their everyday lives.

This is for those who want to rewire their minds and attract unlimited abundance in their lives...

Be it in their careers...

In their business...

Or in their industry.

For everyone who’s tired of simply watching and not doing, this challenge is designed to make sure that all participants can finally get to do the things they said, but have never had the time nor accountability to get them done.

Three weeks is all it takes.

Transform reality and shift into a life of abundance before the end of next month.
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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 21

Here’s What Other Students Had To Say About
Marisa’s Programs

Marisa's program have been transforming the lives of people all over the world
Dawn Lulu-Briggs

I had to dig deep

“Taking Marisa Peer’s 21 Day Abundance Challenge, I had to dig deep at some points. You don’t realise how many layers of negativity your light is hiding under until you start. It might not be a university degree, but it does pack a punch.”
Lavinia Hrimiuc

I am deserving of the fabulous abundance

“My life until meeting Marisa and doing the challenge has been driven by lacking, self-sabotaging programs that simply were blocking my true self to emerge. I am free and boundless now, having a clear sense of my worth and knowing that I am deserving of the fabulous abundance available to me.”
Geno Studnicki

I knew I was growing

“I gained a greater sense of clarity with my future vision for myself through Marissa’s NICER meditation, uncovered false beliefs and operating patterns linked to money and replaced them with new empowering beliefs, and gained a new friend during my journey! Taking the pre and post assessment helped me to see, measure and gauge the growth I made during my journey in the 21-Day challenge and while I knew I was growing during the challenge I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much growth I had actually undergone.”
Miroslava Kysucka

New powerful beliefs

"The biggest impact of Marisa's 21 day abundance challenge was definitely on my mindset. I know how to keep myself unstoppable from now on and I am enjoying it greatly - every day at least a small step towards my goals!
Thanks to her guidance I discovered money blocks in my teen years coming from as innocent spheres as songs that I liked to listen too. I would never ever imagine to look for them there... Yet Marisa can make you dig this deep.
The best thing is I not only removed them, but created new powerful beliefs and healthy relationships with money. And the knowledge that I actually am able to do this with my own mind makes me feel like I finally received the rules to the game called life."
Petya Vladimirova Nestorova

A huge success on it's own

"This challenge helped me to finally put on piece of paper my limiting money believes and see how stupid they are. I got huge clarity on what exactly was stopping me from being truly financially abundant in life. And got such great examples of how to ask for what I want that I started to implement them straight away. I cannot believe how life-changing the meditations and audios are. I keep listening to them as they really do their magic and make me act on things I used to procrastinate before. That's a huge success on it's own for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you…"
Sue Lane

Cleared away any negativity

"I started the 21 Day Abundance Challenge to gain more confidence. It erased and eradicated the disempowering beliefs I had about myself. More importantly, however, it has cleared away any negativity to totally support me with the confidence to begin the RTT course. I feel free. I can now support other people to feel free, become powerful successful human beings who can achieve anything that they want in life, whilst knowing I am doing something amazing at the same time."

Why Now Is The Time to Step Into
Your Abundant Life

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago.

The second best time is now.

With our rapidly changing world, we are now in a unique position to choose two things...

To survive or to thrive.

For those that have read this far, it suggests that they choose to thrive...

To be able to provide their loved ones with everything they want and need…

To take the more challenging path now so they can reap the rewards later.

If not now, when?

What's In The Challenge

21 days of video trainings from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
Four meditation tracks (invaluable)
Two root cause meditations ($98 value)
Three hypnotic audios ($98 value)
Four pre-recorded Q&A calls with Marisa ($697 value)
A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (Invaluable)
Total Value:

🎁 Join The 21-Day Abundance Challenge Today For Only $99

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You're Protected With Our Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee
For 10 Days

This might be a big commitment for you. You might not be sure if this program will even work.

You might not be sure if your challenges are solvable with an online program. That’s totally understandable...

This really will be the single BEST investment you can make for yourself and for your life. To prove it, you receive a “peace-of-mind” guarantee.

If you don't notice a significant difference in the way you think, the way you feel, and in the rest of your life over the next 10 days (after joining and starting the program), then you’ll receive a full, 100% refund on the program.

Just join today and get started with the program and the guarantee will automatically apply.

What Happens After Enrolling on This Page:

Add the 21-Day Abundance Challenge to to the cart using the button below and complete enrollment on our safe, secure, encrypted checkout.

Expect the 21-Day Abundance Challenge access via email. Proceed to log in to the Marisa Peer members’ area.

Access the 21-Day Abundance Challenge program and begin the transformation to an abundant life!


How is the 21-Day Abundance Challenge different from affirmations, NLP, or meditation?
The 21-Day Abundance Challenge is based on Marisa’s unique method of Rapid Transformational Therapy®. This method goes beyond hypnosis, meditation, and NLP to get to the root of abundance blocks so that participants can uncover them for powerful, positive change.
How long will it take to get results?
This challenge can deliver results fast. We don’t subscribe to the belief that it takes months or years to uncover and overcome limiting beliefs. It’s highly possible to see quick results that can be quantified.
How much time do I need to commit?
There’s no need to put in endless hours of work. All it takes is around 20 minutes per day to watch the videos and listen to the audios.
How do audio recordings work?
The mind learns by repetition, so by repeatedly listening to the powerful words and messages of the audios, participants will be well on the way to their abundance mindset.
Can the 21-Day Abundance Challenge improve my life?
As humans, we all want the same things—success, prosperity, abundance. This challenge will help reinstall the abundance that everyone was born with. Marisa put everything she’s learned and studied through her three-decade-long career into the 21-Day Abundance Challenge so that participants can really step into their most abundant lives.
What happens if it’s not for me?
We want you to feel secure and confident in your purchase, so you are eligible for a 10-day money-back guarantee. Should you find that the program isn’t for you, we will refund you in full. We’re sure, however, that you won’t need to make use of it — millions of people have tried Marisa’s programs and loved them, and we’re certain you will feel the same.

What’s in the Challenge:

21 days of video trainings from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
Four meditation tracks (invaluable)
Two root cause meditations ($98 value)
Three hypnotic audios ($98 value)
Four pre-recorded Q&A calls with Marisa ($697 value)
A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (Invaluable)
Total Value:

🎁 Join The 21-Day Abundance Challenge Today For Only $99

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Get Daily Training, Coaching, and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 21
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Root cause therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on reviewing significant past events believed to be impacting a person's present mental and emotional wellness.. For students concerned with their own mental wellbeing, we suggest you complete the admissions questionnaire which will prompt you to make an informed judgment about your appropriateness to undertake the training.

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